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January 2, 2019

Best beaches to visit in the UK

The United Kingdom is a land of islands. That’s just a fact. And also, as a matter of fact, we have quite a lot of beaches! There are more than enough of them to make a fully fledged list of the best beaches to visit in the UK. That’s exactly what we did in this article. Below you’ll find our picks for the UK’s best water and sand combos!

Best beaches to visit in the UK - Luv Holiday Homes

Luskentyre Sands – your quiet escape

Located on the Outer Hebrides, Luskentyre Beach feels like a remote location for real adventurers. With beautiful dunes, miles of white sand and green-blue water, it is one of the best beaches to visit in the UK if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Voted the best UK beach by Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, Luskentyre Sands is a perfect choice if you value peace, quiet and a little bit of solitude. It’s truly one of these locations where you can truly disconnect and recharge. The only settlement around is a small city of Luskentyre, which means that there’s a huge chance you won’t see another human being when visiting this beach! A true gem for both introverts and the ones tired with the buzz of everyday life.

Rhossili Bay – raw beauty

Voted the best beach in Europe and one of the global top 10 in 2017, Rhossili is a pristine, 3-mile long curve of beautiful sand and dunes. While its title has given the beach plenty of fresh recognition, Rhossili hasn’t lost its remote character. Despite thousands of people visiting it, it is ideal if you’re looking for peace and quiet. It’s one of these beaches that seem to have been made for the very purpose of a long walk early in the morning or during a sunset.

If you go all the way North along the coastline, you will find the island of Burry Holms. A home to nomadic tribes some 9000 years ago, now it’s a go-to location for sturdy fishermen.

The Southern part is overlooked by another island – Worm’s Head. Getting onto this isle is a real challenge for true adventurers – it’s joined to the Rhossili by a rocky causeway.

Best beaches to visit in the UK - Luv Holiday Homes - Rhossili Bay

Brighton Beach – an absolute classic

Brighton is an absolute classic for the English South. It’s London’s favorite destination for a sunny weekend and an architectural gem. It also boasts a beautiful beach. Don’t worry, with 5.4 miles worth of shingle there’s enough space for everyone! Grab your flip-flops, a beach towel and enjoy the leisurely vibe of the town. There are ice cream cones, seagulls, the astonishing Palace Pier (yes, it’s actually a palace!) and if you stand with your back to the water, you will be greeted by a literal sea (pun intended) of places to satisfy your post-day-at-the-beach hunger.

Best beaches to visit in the UK - Luv Holiday Homes - Brighton Beach

St. Brelade’s Bay Beach – perfect for families

After the Luskentyre Sands, the St. Brelade’s Bay is another beach scoring the third place in the Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards. And there’s no surprise to that. With plenty of sun, safe water and soft sand, it’s a perfect family-friendly destination.

Jersey beaches are famous for their sunny weather, no matter the season and boiling-hot temperatures in the summer. St. Brelade’s Bay Beach is no exception and that’s why it’s one of the best beaches to visit in the UK! It’s a perfect place for two of the best activities to engage in at the beach: swimming in the sea and sunbathing.

Weymouth Beach – sandcastles. What more do you need?

If you’re looking for a perfect place to become a child once again, then you should add Weymouth Beach to your checklist. Why? It has the best sand for castle building in the entire UK! Add very shallow water and a leveled-off surface, and you’ve got yourself a perfect destination for family holidays! There are also the children’s classics – Punch and Judy, donkey rides.

Weymouth Beach gets pretty crowded in the season. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe, simply walk for a bit and you’ll stumble across one of many coves. Most people decide to stay on the main beaches, so the coves offer a bit more quiet atmosphere. But hey, we’re letting you on to a secret here!

Best beaches to visit in the UK - Luv Holiday Homes - Weymouth Beach

Fistral Beach – why ever go to Australia?

At only 750 metres in length, the Fistral Beach pales in comparison with some of the other miles-long beaches. It is, however, one of the best beaches to visit in the UK if you’re a surfer!

The waves that crash on the sand can reach up to nine metres. While it may be far from ideal for casual water fun, it means you can practice those sweet tricks without having to dish out thousands for a ticket to Australia!

Bournemouth Beach – the all-in-one beach

With seven miles of perfect sand and warm water, Bournemouth Beach is deservedly one of Brits’ favourite place to spend sunny days at.

But these seven miles of sand are not just that! they are actually filled to the brim with a plethora of different activities for you to engage in. Cliffs, water sports, the pier, the beach – this is just a small piece of what the Bournemouth Beach has to offer!

Bournemouth Beach is not just a perfect place to sit back and enjoy great weather. It’s also a location of the Bournemouth Air Festival when, for four days of August the sky above the sea turns into a breathtaking display of pilots’ skills. Visiting off-season? Make sure to catch the Arts by the Sea Festival in October. During the ten days of the event, the entire beach is like one massive art show. There is music, lights, costumes, shows and theatre. What is more, most of this is free of charge!

Best beaches to visit in the UK - Luv Holiday Homes - Bournemouth Beach

Carbis Bay Beach – a cozy place

Although also located in Cornwall, Carbis Bay Beach is far from Fistral Beach’s craziness. Placed among other beaches of the St Ives Bay, it’s a picturesque and quiet place with great sand and blue water. Take your family there for an unforgettable weekend filled with joy and fun. Woodland surrounds the beach in a crescent shape creating a very peaceful and intimate atmosphere. A shallow and calm sea, and a very mild climate make Carbis Bay Beach one of the best beaches to visit in the UK if you’re travelling with a toddler or a small child.

Do you agree with our list of the best beaches to visit in the UK?? Have you had a chance to visit any of them? Is there a beach you’d like to add? Let us know! We’re always happy to hear your suggestions and read about your experiences!

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