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January 1, 2019

Top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK

There’s a lot to see and experience in the UK. However, sometimes, it might seem as if you’ve already been there and done that. Think twice before

In this article, we will show you some of the top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK, no matter what are you feeling like doing. From sailing to hiking and from sight-seeing to leisure, we’ve got you covered! Don’t expect your typical London and Brighton here though – if you clicked this article, it probably means you’ve been there hundreds of times already. In here, we’ll focus on places we think you’ll love, but might have been overshadowed by more famous sights and places.

For a city break


Scotland’s most northerly big city is also one of its most beautiful ones. Filled to the brim with amazing, classical architecture, gardens and sights, it’s a real treat and a gem for lovers of magnificent places.

But it’s not only its stunning architecture that got Aberdeen onto this list. Its nightlife is also quite notable with many students pumping life into the city’s streets every night.

Aberdeen is also a perfect start to a trip aboard a ship around the breathtaking Scottish coast.

A myriad of activities you can engage in during your visit to Aberdeen is exactly what makes this city one of the top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK. Whether it’s for a week or just a weekend, solo or with a group or a family, you can be sure Aberdeen will have you sorted!

Top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - Aberdeen

For sight-seeing

Cambridge & Oxford

The first thing that comes to mind when one hears Cambridge and Oxford are the ranking-topping universities the cities are home to. There’s however much more to them than carrying the beacon of education.

Both of the towns are some of the most charming and breathtaking places in the entire United Kingdom. With roots in the Medieval times, Oxford and Cambridge are full of perfectly preserved architecture. Allow yourself to get lost in the quaint streets of both cities and feel the magnificence of hundreds of years of knowledge, wisdom and history. 

If you’re into beautiful places, both of these towns are some of the top ideas for your next holiday trip in the UK! 

Top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - Oxford

For a seaside holiday

Carbis Bay Beach

Located in the Cornish St Ives Bay, the Cardis Bay Beach is one of the UK’s most beautiful and peaceful beaches. Its shallow sea level ensures safety when bathing with a kid. The forests that surround the beach create a peaceful atmosphere. The bay makes the climate milder and calms down the wind. What more do you need for a perfect seaside holiday?

Top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - Carbis Bay Beach

For some peace and quiet

Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire

We all sometimes need to go somewhere just to be surrounded by silence. Life can be too much at times and you might find yourself in need to get away from it all to a remote place, sort of like getting away to a cabin in the woods to become a lumberjack.

Saltburn-by-the-Sea is one of those places. It’s a small coastal town in North Eastern England. It’s cozy, with a bit of a wind-stricken vibe to it. But the most important thing you’ll find there is calmness. Listen to the strong waves kissing the beach, walk around the quaint streets, visit the Italian Gardens and most of all – discover! During all that, you’ll have plenty of chances to replenish your strengths and prepare for any challenges the future might throw at you. After all, sometimes you need to take one step backwards before a jump!

Top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - Saltburn by the sea

For beautiful views

Giant’s Causeway

Giant’s Causeway is one of the UK’s, or maybe even the world’s most iconic and mind-bending natural formations. It consists of thousands of hexagon, pentagon or square-shaped cylinders – the remnants of volcanic activity in this region from between 50 and 60 million years ago (yes, it’s actually cooled lava – how cool is that?).

Giant’s Causeway is one of those places where you feel like on another planet. It’s mysterious, yet peaceful. A perfect place to reflect and wonder.

Cheddar Gorge

Sharing its name with every cheese lover’s favourite activity, Cheddar Gorge is a truly unique location and the UK’s biggest gorge. Comprising of the picturesque gorge as well as a system of caves dug for thousands of years by the flowing water, Cheddar is a natural treasure waiting for you to uncover.

Top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - Cheddar Gorge

For hiking

South Downs National Park

Who said mountains only count as hiking? Located on the South Eastern coast of England and spanning 140 km, South Downs boasts a plethora of clay and chalk hills, and forests, providing you with a perfect area for either a short or a long hiking trip.

A definite highlight of South Downs is the Beachy Head. It is a naked chalk cliff, the highest in entire England with 162 meters above the sea level.

Stanage Edge

If hiking is synonymous with mountains to you, give Stanage Edge a try! This 10.5 km hike is perfect for a weekend getaway or just a one day trip. Along this Peak District trail, you will have a chance to experience some beautiful mountainside sights in the UK – you will find yourself surrounded by stunning landscapes and incredible rock formations.

The hike starts and finishes in the charming village of Hathersage, which is worth exploring itself.

Do you agree with our list of top ideas for a next holiday trip in the UK? Would you add any?

Let us know if you visited any of the places we’ve listed – we always love hearing about your experiences!

Luv Travel, like never before!

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