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January 1, 2019

Experience Manchester like a local!

Manchester is a city that’s always on the move. It’s busy and surprising. It attracts everyone, from dreamy artists and restless ravers to serious businessmen. It can be equal parts temptingly ugly and irresistibly sexy, depending on what you’re looking for. But if it’s authenticity you’re after, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you what to do and where to go to experience Manchester like a local!

For a coffee/breakfast/brunch

The Koffee Pot – Manch’s favourite hangover cure – 84-86 Oldham St., Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1LE

Manchester mornings can be tough. It rains often, it’s cold and windy. You don’t feel like getting out of bed, but it also doesn’t feel right to slack off the whole day.

If you need something to get you out of your hotel room, simply head to The Koffee Pot!

The Koffee Pot’s mission is to turn your mornings from horrible to amazing. How? With some of the city’s best coffee and a wide choice of hearty breakfast options, of course! The Koffee Pot is a place to go if you need strength for an entire day of sight-seeing. It’s also perfect for curing that Sunday morning hangover!

For satisfying a big hunger

Flames Smokehouse – burgers so tall you won’t see the top bun – Brierley Ave., Failsworth, Manchester M35 9HA

A big, juicy burger is Manchester’s traditional food and few do it as good as Flames Smokehouse. Their crazy, sky-high meaty creations are one of a kind. Any trip to Manchester would be an incomplete one without stuffing your face with one.

Flames is a popular Mancunian spot, but it enjoys more of a local and foodie fame rather than a touristy appeal. A lot of people discovered it by word-of-mouth. Others were dragged inside by the irresistible smell of smoked meats.

Almost Famous – a burger, like you’ve never had it – 100-102 High St., Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1HP

Another burger joint you NEED to visit if you crave meaty goodness is Almost Famous. What makes them special is their menu filled with crazy, often over-the-top creations. How about a burger topped with kebab meat and cheesy fries? Or fried chicken and halloumi? Maybe you’d like to try a burger with a steak? Yes, you’ve read it correctly – a STEAK on a burger!

Mancunians love their food insane and twisted. That’s why contrary to its name, Almost Famous is actually really famous among meat-lovers!

For shopping

Northern Quarter shops – to experience Manchester like a local, you need to shop like one!

Northern Quarter is an area of Manchester’s centre and a creative hub of the city. It’s home to all the quirky Mancunian cool cats. Its streets are filled with independent record stores, vintage shops, second-hands and boutiques.

If you’re into digging for treasures, be sure to put Northern Quarter on your checklist. Then simply go from store to store experiencing Manchester like a local.

Levenshulme Market – a beautiful initiative – Stockport Rd., Manchester M19 3AB

Levy Market is a small marketplace initiative ran by volunteers. They are dedicated to giving local businesses a space to showcase their products. Although it’s a bit off the beaten track, a visit there is totally worth spending your Saturday for!

Levenshulme Market has it all: live music, craft beers, food trucks and local artisanal products. Most of all, the air is filled with a jolly atmosphere. It shows off all the best things about Manchester and will make you feel like a true local

To satisfy your sweet tooth

Ginger’s Comfort Emporium – a cozy corner for cold days – Church St., Manchester M4 1PW

Remember hearing the ice cream truck jingle and frantically running to catch it? How entering a sweets store being overwhelmed by colours and smells? You can relive these memories at Ginger’s Comfort Emporium. Reviews often claim it’s the best ice cream place in the entire Manchester. And no wonder – they make their own ice cream in many unique and interesting flavours. Some of them include Roasted Pistacchio, Marmelade on Toast or Tangerine Sorbet.

For a walk

Heaton Park – an oasis of calm in a crazy city – Middleton Rd., Manchester M25 2SW

Heaton Park is much more than a nice spot for a quiet walk. It’s a place to be in Manchester for outdoorsy people. For the artsy ones, there are concerts and theatre shows, either open air or in one of many beautiful buildings. If you’re into nature, make sure to visit an animal farm and take part in beekeeping activities. Feeling sporty? There’s a golf course and rowing activities. Finally, if you’re with a kid, Heaton Park offers exciting tram rides.

However, if you’re looking to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Heaton Park is also a place for you. There are almost 250 hectares of green spaces for you to explore. Grab a walking buddy and go relax!

Manchester canals – the ultimate way to experience Manchester like a local!

Canals were once a cheap way to transport goods. Now, they are often being celebrated, not only as a live history lesson, but also for their aesthetic value. Nowhere is it more evident than in Manchester, often dubbed ‘Venice of the North’. Multiple waterways cross the entire city. Once major junctions, now they make for great walking, cycling or jogging routes. Manchester’s canals attract boat owners, many of whom spend their weekends on the water.

Once considered obsolete, the canals are getting their second life. Thanks to people’s interest in preserving them, investments poured in and renovations began. Because of that, you can experience Manchester in a completely new way. It’s a bit off the grid and away from guides and checklists. After all, to see Manchester like a local, you need to get off the beaten track and head for the obscure parts. Trust us, it’s worth it!

Manchester like a local - LuvHolidayHomes - Manchester canals

For seasonal festivities

Manchester Christmas Market – a must-visit!

Every year around the Christmas period, Manchester turns into a true festive extravaganza. The market starts at Albert Square and follows a trail along several main streets. Explore 300 stalls offering everything and anything, from cookware to local artisanal products. Try foods from every corner of the world and warm yourself up with a cozy mug of classic mulled wine.

The best way to experience Manchester Christmas Markets is to allow yourself to get lost in everything it offers. Even if you want to be like a local, it’s sometimes good to just be a tourist!

For a pint

Anywhere that’s packed on a Friday night!

Manchester is filled to the brim with amazing pubs and bars. There’s not really a point in making a list of the best ones. Just go anywhere that’s packed and looks like good fun! We promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

For a wild night out

The Warehouse Project – let the music flow through you – Store St., Manchester M1 2WA

Manchester is known for the myriad of bands and artists it gave rise to. The Smiths, Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, New Order, The Stone Roses… the list could go on and on.

The city is also famous for its club culture. The Warehouse Project is a perfect expression of that. The series of events takes place underneath the Piccadilly Station. It’s a unique mix of the freshest acts and the classic warehouse vibe of the very first illegal raves. Lose yourself to the trance-inducing sounds of techno and dance the night away! Then, leave the club just as the sun is rising. That’s the true way to experience Manchester like a local!

Do you agree with our list? What are the places you discovered when you were getting to know Manchester like a local? Let us know – we always love to hear your stories!

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