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December 6, 2018

How to save money on your next holiday in the UK

The United Kingdom is a land of many faces. From the sea to the mountains, from sprawling cities buzzing with excitement to small, cozy countryside villages – we have it all! But being able to see it all is another, and, to be frank, quite costly story. That’s where we step in!

We are the savings experts and we know that reducing the cost of your holidays is all about being able to cut out as much unnecessary spending as possible. In this article, we will show you several ways to save money on your next holiday to the UK!

Plan your holidays in advance

There’s something romantic about buying a train ticket to a random location in a sudden rush of spontaneity. We’re a bit more down to earth here though!

Planning your holidays in advance gives you plenty of financial advantage. It gives you time to do your research and compare various options, prepare a budget-friendly itinerary and get advantage from early booking discounts!

If you opt for a train, booking your tickets a couple of months or weeks in advance will be so much cheaper than buying them half an hour before your departure!

Getting there

Going to your holiday destination by car seems like the most convenient option, but very often convenience is not cheap. The cost of petrol can be staggering, especially so, if you’re driving across the country.

So, instead of taking the motorway, how about you take the bus? There are several great companies offering cheap transit that will allow you to save money on your next holiday in the UK. Most notably, those are National Express and Megabus. Little less comfortable for your legs, but definitely a godsend for your wallet!

How to save money on your next holiday in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - save money on your next holiday in the UK

Getting around

Same as in the point above – the car is a convenient way of getting around. That’s until you realize you’ve spent close to a lion’s share of your budget on petrol, or worse – got stuck in traffic!

Consider opting for public transportation instead. Both smaller and bigger cities have excellent systems, not only for getting around the town itself, but also extending their routes to neighboring cities. Ticket prices vary from place to place, but they generally shouldn’t exceed 4-4.50 pounds for a return. When in London, make sure to take advantage of the tube. If you’re planning to use public transportation often during your stay, consider getting a weekend or a weekly pass that will give you unlimited travel for the period of your choice for the price of a couple full tickets – it’s definitely worth it!

Another viable option is of course walking or biking. Such a way of getting around is not only cheap and healthy, but also allows you to savour the experience the most, especially when you’re vacaying in the countryside or in a mountain region. Some trains allow you to have your bike with you on board, but in case you can’t take it, simply rent it!

Dining out is nice, but…

it can be very expensive, setting you back dozens of pounds per day. It surely is nice to spend every morning with a cup of coffee and a bunch of croissants, only to finish the day off with a steak and a pint. But while your belly will be happy, your wallet will beg for mercy! A simple solution to that is to make your food yourself!

When booking your accommodation, look for places that have access to the kitchen. Then, hit the local Tesco or, if you’re lucky, a market, and you’ll easily be able to make a couple days worth of food for a price of a lavish dinner. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can try recreating a traditional recipe from the region you’re visiting, which is a much more tangible experience than simply ordering it in a pub! Make sure to take some Tupperware with you to take a packed lunch in case you go hiking or sight-seeing for the entire day. Nothing worse than tummy rumbling on a trail!

Of course, all that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat out at all! It’s simply all about making sure you don’t overdo it so that you don’t waste half of your salary. A good idea is to prepare a list of places you want to eat at beforehand. That way you can schedule your meals and buy just enough food (what you don’t eat, you can take home and make a little #takemeback meal!).

How to save money on your next holiday in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - save money on your next holiday in the UK

Take advantage of the discounts

Paying the full price is for people who are not willing to do some research. Turns out, there are plenty of coupons, discount codes, gift cards to make sure your bank account won’t be drained. Sign up to websites such as VoucherCodes, Groupon or HotUKDeals and keep a look out for the discounts!

But that’s not all! Kids usually get a discount. So do OAPs and students. If you’re fitting one of these categories or are travelling with someone who does, make sure to have all the necessary documentation, such as a student card with you.

Moreover, many restaurants offer specials, 2-4-1 deals or accept supermarket points. Make sure to use those to save money on your next holiday in the UK!

Go for hostels, Airbnb or holiday homes to save money on your next holiday in the UK

Ask yourself a question: “do I really need room service, unlimited drinks and a breakfast buffet?”

Probably not.

Accommodation is one of the biggest cost associated with travelling and holidaymaking. You can easily cut it by opting for more affordable options. Hostels, Airbnb and holiday homes (such as the ones on our website – check them out!) often offer a much more local experience for a much lower price.

How to save money on your next holiday in the UK - LuvHolidayHomes - save money on your next holiday in the UK

Cheap thrills

Or should we say, free thrills!

That’s right, every major British city offers something for free. Whether these are concerts, movie screenings, churches, art galleries or museums (especially in London!), you can fill up your entire itinerary with fun activities you won’t have to pay for at all!

Big cities are not the only ones that offer things for free. Here’s some more cool stuff you can do for zero pounds: biking (given that you take your own bike!), hiking, strolling around the city, taking a walk on a beach or a promenade, visiting a local flea market and, well, many many more! We could spend a couple articles worth of text to list out everything you can do for free in the UK and the list would probably still be incomplete. We invite you to make your own! Anywhere you go, there will be plenty of things you can do without dishing out a penny, which is a perfect way to save money on your next holiday in the UK!

Get away from the city

Large cities are great for tourists and holidaymakers. They are basically a condensed cocktail of attractions, sights, lovely views and what not! What they also are, is expensive. Transportation, accommodation, food – it all costs more in large cities.

How about you consider going for something a bit off the beaten track when picking your next holiday destination? It may not only be less crowded and offering something you’ve probably never seen or experienced before. It will probably be much cheaper as well!

Not sure where to go? Looking for inspiration? Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages and have a look at our gallery of beautiful places in the UK!

Do you agree with our list of advice on how to save money on your next holiday in the UK? Is there anything you’d like to add from your own experience? Write a comment below – we’re always grateful for your contribution!

Now, how about you test these methods in real life? A good first step when planning your holidays or a weekend escape is sorting out your accommodation, which we can more than help you with over here at LuvHolidayHomes. Check us out and book your next experience now!

Luv Travel, like never before!

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