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December 6, 2018

How taking a week off work influences your performance

In your professional life, you might stumble upon bosses who frown upon taking a week off work. When you think about it, there’s actually a good reason for them to view it in such a way – the fewer days you are working, the less work will be done. That’s an obvious truth, right? Wrong!

In this article, we will show you how taking time off work influences your performance. And believe us, holidays are not going to make you lazy or unproductive. Actually, it’s quite the contrary! How’s that possible? Well, read on!

How taking a week off work influences your performance - LuvHolidayHomes - taking a week off

It allows your mind to reset

There’s that certain mentality a lot of us have, especially the ones holding a 9 to 5 position. We live for the weekend. On Fridays, we wait for the clock hands to hit five and a twelve so that we can go grab a drink, get ready for a night out or just head home and watch Netflix.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

Except that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.

And that place is just a few steps from slowly stopping to grow.

Taking a week off work might not seem as much in terms of combating that, but it’s actually very effective. It gives you space to clear your head off your daily tasks and refocus on your goals. That way, when you come back, you won’t just be rested and relaxed. You will be armed with knowledge and a better understanding of what you actually want. But in order to achieve this, you need to make a conscious decision take some time off off your time off (sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?). You need to sit down and actually ponder on your goals or discuss it with the people who know you best. With your mind not bothered by daily tasks and work responsibilities, the solutions will reach you much quicker!

It allows you to look at your work with a perspective

Imagine that you’re about to jump across a river.

You are standing at the very edge of a bank. You want to do it fast so you curl up your legs and spring forward, but…. you end up getting soaked! The solution? Take a few steps back and give yourself a running start. Yes, it’s not as immediate as jumping from your initial position, but hey – the results will speak for themselves!

In our work lives we often may encounter problems or tasks that seem dauntingly overwhelming. And it’s okay to feel like there’s too much on your shoulders. It’s not healthy to work yourself to exhaustion though. Sometimes it’s good to actually take a few steps back, allow yourself to take a little break. Taking a week off work is just like that. It’s the running start before a long jump. A dozen of deep breaths before a dive. An opportunity to clear your head, relax and come back with full force. Keep in mind that it’s your happiness and wellbeing that matter the most and let this be your guiding principle.

It gives you a break from the routine

The thing about most of our jobs is that we do similar, or even the same things every day. Life can get pretty mundane and boring sometimes. Taking a week off work gives you a chance to experience something new. Whether it’s a city or a beach you’ve never visited, or a crazy activity you’ve always wanted to do, use your time off to create great memories that will boost you during the working weeks!

How taking a week off work influences your performance - LuvHolidayHomes - taking a week off

Taking time off work decreases stress levels

6 am, time to wake up, take a quick shower, get dressed, grab a quick bite and head to work. Deadlines are piling up, your manager is angry, you need to stay overtime. You left home at 7 am and came back at 8 pm, tired and stressed, dreaming of a warm bed.

It doesn’t actually have to be as dramatic as this. Stress can also be that faint, but constant buzzer at the back of your head resulting from a lack of variety in your life.

If you can relate to this, then it’s time to take some serious steps in combating that. Before you start introducing big changes, such as tuning your work-life balance levels, it’s good to start with a week off, just to clear your head and introduce some change.

It’s a breath of fresh air

Quite literally, but also figuratively!

Sight-seeing, hiking, cycling, walking – all these activities associated with taking time off work are actually outdoors ones. That means you get a chance to give your brain that extra oxygen kick it needs so much after weeks in the office.

A breath of fresh air also describes all the wonderful things you will see during your holidays. Whether it’s a painting in a gallery, a beautiful building, a breathtaking sight after climbing a mountain – all these will nourish your soul.

How taking a week off work influences your performance - LuvHolidayHomes - taking a week off

Taking time off work is really beneficial for you…

It helps you avoid burning out in the long run

All the reasons we’ve listed above mostly describe the immediate impact of holidays on your performance. What about the long term? Taking time off work regularly allows you to simply enjoy what you’re doing, hence avoiding burning out. It’s a truly dreaded phrase that describes being no longer passionate about your job.

It’s waking up and prolonging your morning routine to delay leaving home and a feeling of relief when the clock hits five o’clock.

It’s feeling uninterested in growing and setting new goals for yourself.

It’s being so stuck in a rut that your days start blending into one.

Of course, burning out takes more than going on holidays to prevent, but it’s a good place to start. It gives you a chance to reflect on what choices are you making and how to ensure long-term happiness.  

How taking a week off work influences your performance - LuvHolidayHomes - taking a week off

… even if it means staying in with a pair of warm slippers on and a cup of tea in hand!


How did taking a week off work influence your performance? Share your experiences in the comments below – we would love to hear your stories!

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